Inca Civilization

The Inca civilization was the largest Pre-Columbian civilization in the Americas and Cusco was its capital. The best kept example of its architecture is Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu

The Sacred City is one of the most significant archeological sites left by the Incas


Fascinating culture and Inca heritage of this beautiful country

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world. It occupies an important place in Inca mythology.

Animals of Peru

Animals in Peru have specialized and adapted to the conditions of its geography. At higher altitude levels, few animals and plants can survive because of the lack of oxygen.

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The National Museum of Archeology, Anthropology and History

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Location: Plaza Bolivar, Pueblo Libre, Lima.

Open: Tuesday to Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm. Sunday and Holidays from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Admission: Adults S/.11.50. Student S/. 3.50. Children S/. 1

Telephone number: 51- 1 -463-5070

Fax: 51-1- 463-2009


The National Museum of Archeology, Anthropology and History is the largest and oldest public museum in Peru. It was founded in 1826 as the National Museum. It features an extensive archeological collection of more than 100,000 items from pre-Inca cultures such as the Moche, Chimu, Paracas, Chavin, Nasca and others and includes ceramic, textiles, tools and ruins that were built more than 3000 years ago. It also displays Inca artifacts and objects from Colonial and Republican periods.

The museum exhibits the original Raymondi Stella and the Tello Obelisk belonging to the Chavin culture as well as an extensive collection of textiles from the pre-ceramic period through the Inca Civilization. The Tawantisuyu Room recreates the history of the Inca Empire by using scale models recreating the everyday life of Inca inhabitants.

The museum has a major and important collection of metals, approximately 11,000 pieces that represent the metallurgic development since the Formative period until the Inca Empire. The collection includes a great variety of pieces made of gold, silver and copper. Some are unique pieces such as Paracas ornaments found in elite burial grounds.


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Pre-Inca Civilizations

There were many pre-Columbian cultures that preceded the Inca Civilization, some  by  millenia.

Inca Civilization

The Inca Empire was the last civilization that flourished in the Andes before Francisco Pizarro entered the Inca Capital in 1532.

Lima, Peru

Lima has enough museums, churches, colonial houses and pre-Inca ruins to keep any visitor busy for weeks. The city is a gathering of neighborhoods each with its own distinctive feel and look.

Cusco, Peru

When you visit Cusco you can observe that two distinctive cultures that first encountered each other five hundred years ago have progressively assimilated forming a multicultural society.


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