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Culture of Peru

Peru’s culture is a set of beliefs, customs and way of life inherited from the and and . Immigrant groups such as Africans, Japanese, Chinese and Europeans have also contributed to the , blend of cultures and ways in which Peruvians live. Whatever their ethnic background Peruvians agree on the importance of family and religion. In many cases generations of a family live together where the younger look after the elderly and help each other in difficult times.
Peruvians express their culture through their music, literature, art forms, dance, …

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Andean Music, the Music of the Incas

Andean communities have a powerful musical tradition inherited from the . The was based on collective effort and their success outweighed the individual’s. This is the case of music in the , musicians joined to create music through cooperation and support. The purpose of music in this society was primarily spiritual and associated to religious rituals and wars, usually accompanied by singing that was high pitched and nasal. in South America started a process of political and cultural assimilation, a cultural transformation of a pagan society into Catholicism. …

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Inca Art Forms

Inca art was practical. The Incas were an artistic people who used materials available to them in nature and blended them creating many artistic forms in utilitarian ways. Much of their artistic expression was used in everyday life and had a .  Because they did not know science they had to attach powers to natural phenomena worshiping natural resources such as water streams or rocks, animals and almost anything related to nature and the best way to worship was to incorporate their best artistic creations in their offerings to the …

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Folklore in Puno

is considered the Folkloric Capital of Peru, there are more than 300 different local dances representing centuries old traditions inherited from the and the . Folk dances and songs are accompanied by colorful costumes and masks to celebrate Catholic holidays or Inca celebrations related to the agricultural calendar. These celebrations are based on beliefs and myths of the relationship between men and god, to honor Andean gods, Catholic saints and the Virgin Mary.
Costumes can be very elaborate and imaginative; they are generally richly embroidered with shiny sequence and …

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Peru Food- Amazon

Food of the Peruvian Amazon is rich in local fresh water fish. Bananas is a staple food that accompanies almost every dish.

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Peru Food – Andes

Traditional Andean food date back to the Inca Civilization. For centuries inhabitants of the Andes have based their diet on potatoes, quinoa, maize and meat.

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Peru Food – Coast

Peruvian food in the coast is based on seafood. The Pacific coast is the provider of many species of fish and shellfish. The most famous dish is ceviche.

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Facts about Peru

Interesting facts about Peru. Facts about society, economy, population, history, tourism, food and geography.

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The National Museum of Archeology, Anthropology and History

Location: Plaza Bolivar, Pueblo Libre, Lima.
Open: Tuesday to Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm. Sunday and Holidays from 9:00am to 4:00pm.
Admission: Adults S/.11.50. Student S/. 3.50. Children S/. 1
Telephone number: 51- 1 -463-5070
Fax: 51-1- 463-2009
E-mail: mnaahp@inc.gob.pe

The National Museum of Archeology, Anthropology and History is the largest and oldest public museum in Peru. It was founded in 1826 as the National Museum. It features an extensive archeological collection of more than 100,000 items from such as the , , , , and others and includes ceramic, textiles, tools and …

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Museum of Art of Lima

Museo de Arte de Lima (MALI) – Museum of Art of Lima
Location: Paseo Colon No. 125,
Open: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Admission: S/6, Wednesdays free, Sunday S/3.
Telephone number: 423-4732
Web site:  Museo de Arte de Lima
The Museum of Art of Lima opened its door to the public on March 10th, 1961 on the Palacio de la Exposicion or Palace of the Exhibition. The palace was built in 1871 during the government of President Jose Balta as the grounds of the first public Expo of Peruvian Arts, Science and Industry …