Inca Civilization

The Inca civilization was the largest Pre-Columbian civilization in the Americas and Cusco was its capital. The best kept example of its architecture is Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu

The Sacred City is one of the most significant archeological sites left by the Incas


Fascinating culture and Inca heritage of this beautiful country

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world. It occupies an important place in Inca mythology.

Animals of Peru

Animals in Peru have specialized and adapted to the conditions of its geography. At higher altitude levels, few animals and plants can survive because of the lack of oxygen.

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Food in Peru

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Peruvian potatoes variety

Peruvian cuisine varies depending on where you are. Due to Peru’s ecological and climatic diversity the variety and supply of fresh produce is plentiful, there are many native Peruvian crops such as quinoa, potato, kiwicha, cacao and beans.

There are more than 2,500 varieties of potatoes native to the Andes. The potato is the main ingredient in Andean dishes. Potatoes was the main Inca food and today they are consumed by modern Andean communities in much the way it was prepared thousands of years ago.

Inca Food-potatoes

Potatoes are native to the Andes Mountains. It was a staple food of the Incas.


Yellow chilli peppers is a condiment and seasoning used in many dishes of the Coast.


Corn or maize in many colors


Peruvian cuisine has been influenced by a variety of cultures brought by the arrival of immigrants from Spain, Africa, Italy, Japan and China. One of the most influential immigrant community is the Chinese who produced one of the most popular Peruvian gastronomical creations, Chifa. Chifa  is a fusion of Chinese food adapted to local ingredients and accompanied by a local cola drink, Inka Cola.

Chifa, a fusion of Chinese and Peruvian food


The main staple foods in Peruvian cuisine are native Peruvian crops such as corn, beans and potatoes and its many varieties. The Spanish brought products such as rice and wheat which became staple foods and part of the culinary culture of Peru.

More about Peru Food


Food in the Coast

In the Coast, seafood is the heart of its many dishes. Perhaps the most popular dish is ceviche.

Food in the Andes

Food in the Andes is based on native crops such as potatoes, quinoa and local animals such as guinea pigs and llamas.

Food in the Amazon

Fried bananas is the most common garnish to every dish. Fresh water fish and local fruits are the base of many dishes.

Native Crops of Peru

Crops endemic to Peru have been consumed since pre-Colombian civilizations. The potato is the main ingredient in many Andean dishes.



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