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The Peru Cultural Society welcomes you to our website. The Society is a volunteer-run organization in Boston, MA dedicated to promoting the history, customs and heritage of Peru. Our goal is to enhance awareness of Peruvian culture and to provide a place for those interested in learning about Peru to learn more and to discuss their interests.

This website begun in 2005 as the project of the Boston University Program of Latin American Studies. A group of enthusiasts with the common interest in Peruvian culture decided to join efforts to establish an online resource that could create a comprehensive picture of Peru in a format that meets the realities of the digital information edge. We realized that to be successful this site had to be interesting to both beginners and enthusiasts alike. And thus began Discover-Peru.org. Over few years the group grew from just few people to a whole team of contributors.

The Mission

The mission of the Peru Cultural Society is not simply to preserve the culture and the history. We want to share our passion for the rich and diverse civilization of Peru in a way that will engage and inspire readers learn more and get involved. Therefore our vision is to create a website that is both informative and social that will allow people to interact though comments and ratings.


On the pages of this site will try uncover new facts, documents, research and new ideas about the rich and diverse Peruvian culture, history and life in general. No topic is too small, too large or too controversial.

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We welcome contributions from anyone interested in the topic regardless of their political views or affiliations and the level of knowledge. Please email your ideas or questions at:  peru_cultural_society@hotmail.com.