Inca Civilization

The Inca civilization was the largest Pre-Columbian civilization in the Americas and Cusco was its capital. The best kept example of its architecture is Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu

The Sacred City is one of the most significant archeological sites left by the Incas


Fascinating culture and Inca heritage of this beautiful country

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world. It occupies an important place in Inca mythology.

Animals of Peru

Animals in Peru have specialized and adapted to the conditions of its geography. At higher altitude levels, few animals and plants can survive because of the lack of oxygen.

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Animals of Peru – Reptiles

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The habitat of Peru’s reptiles is concentrated on the eastern side of the country, in the Amazon rainforest.  Here the warm and humid weather makes for a comfortable environment where to reproduce. Since all reptiles are ectothermic, which means that they cannot regulate their own body temperature, they require a tropical and warm environment.


Green TurtleChelonia mydas
Loggerhead TurtleCaretta caretta
Hawksbill TurtleEretmochelys imbricata
Leatherback TurtleDermochelys coriacea
Olive Ridley TurtleLepidochelys olivacea
Amazon MatamataChelus fimbriatus
Twist-necked TurtlePlatemys platycephala
Lesser Toad-headed TurtlePhrynops gibbus
Greater Toad-headed TurtlePhrynops raniceps
Geoffroy's Side-necked TurtlePhrynops geoffroanus
Red Toad-headed TurtlePhrynops rufipes
Big-Headed River TurtlePeltocephalus dumerilianus
Yellow-spotted Side-necked TurtlePodocnemis unifilis
Giant Amazonian River TurtlePodocnemis expansa
Six-tubercled River TurtlePodocnemis sextuberculata
Scorpion Mud TurtleKinosternon scorpiodes
White-lipped Mud TurtleKinosternon leucostomum
Yellow-footed TortoiseGeochelone denticulata
Red-footed TortoiseGeochelone carbonaria


American CrocodileCrocodylus acutusIt is the most widespread of the species of crocodiles from the Americas.
Black CaimanMelanosuchus nigerIts habitat includes the Amazon basin and other freshwater habitats in South America.Conservation Dependent
Spectacled (White) CaimanCaiman crocodilusThey live in Central and South America and can tolerate salt water as well as fresh.
Smooth-fronted CaimanPaleosuchus trigonatusKnown as Schneider's Dwarf Caiman, they are small in comparison with other crocodilians and live in shallower forest streams
Dwarf CaimanPaleosuchus palpebrosusKnown as Cuvier's Dwarf caiman, this species is more tolerant of cooler water conditions and prefers faster flowing water.


Taylor's Peru blind snakeAnomalepis aspinosus
Amazonian ThreadsnakeLeptotyphlops diaplocius
Peruvian ThreadsnakeLeptotyphlops signatus
Black BlindsnakeTyphlops brongersmianus
White-Nosed BlindsnakeTyphlops minuisquamus
Giant BlindsnakeTyphlops reticulatus
Red PipesnakeAnilius scytale
Boa ConstrictorBoa constrictor
Emerald TreeboaCorallus caninus
Amazon TreeboaCorallus hortulanus
Common Rainbow BoaEpicrates cenchria
Green AnacondaEunectes murinus
Black-headed Calico SnakeOxyrhopus melanogenys
Ring-Necked EarthsnakeAtractus collaris
Ornate EarthsnakeAtractus elaps
Blotched EarthsnakeAtractus flammigerus
Wedge-Tailed EarthsnakeAtractus latifrons
Giant EarthsnakeAtractus major
Spotted EarthsnakeAtractus microrhynchus
Black-Backed EarthsnakeAtractus poeppigi
Rusty EarthsnakeAtractus torquatus
Brown Keeled RacerChironius carinatus
Green RacerChironius exoletus
Olive WhipsnakeChironius fuscus
Long-Tailed WhipsnakeChironius multiventris
Rusty WhipsnakeChironius scurrulus
Common MussuranaClelia clelia
Common Forest RacerDendrophidion dendrophis
Ornate Thirst SnakeDipsas catesbyi
Big-Headed Thirst SnakeDipsas indica indica
Ringed Thirst SnakeDipsas pavonina
Amazon Egg-EaterDrepanoides anomalus
Common CriboDrymarchon corais
Blotched RacerDrymobius rhombifer
Common Glossy RacerDrymoluber dichrous
Common False CoralsnakeErythrolamprus aesculapii
Pink-Naped False CoralsnakeErythrolamprus guentheri
South American WatersnakeHelicops angulatus
Spotted WatersnakeHelicops leopardinus
Olive WatersnakeHelicops pastazae
Black-Chinned WatersnakeHelicops polylepis
Coral MudsnakeHydrops martii
Common MudsnakeHydrops triangularis
Blunt-Headed TreesnakeImantodes cenchoa
Blunt-headed TreesnakeImantodes lentiferus
Common Cat-Eyed SnakeLeptodeira annulata
Black-Skinned Parrot SnakeLeptophis ahaetulla
Brown Parrot SnakeLeptophis cupreus
Amazon SwampsnakeLiophis breviceps
South American SwampsnakeLiophis cobellus
White-Lipped SwampsnakeLiophis miliaris
Common SwampsnakeLiophis reginae
Velvety SwampsnakeLiophis typhlus
Tan RacerMastigodryas boddaertii
Brown VinesnakeOxybelis aeneus
Green VinesnakeOxybelis fulgidus
Yellow-Headed Calico SnakeOxyrhopus formosus
Boulenger's False Coral SnakeOxyrhopus marcapatae
Black-Headed Calico SnakeOxyrhopus melanogenys
Western Calico SnakeOxyrhopus occipitalis
Banded Calico SnakeOxyrhopus petola digitalis
Green PalmsnakePhilodryas viridissimus
Amazon ScarletsnakePseudoboa coronata
Eel SnakePseudoeryx plicatilis
Common BirdsnakePseustes poecilonotus
Giant BirdsnakePseustes sulphureus
Amazon Ringed SnakeRhinobothryum lentiginosum
Common Liana SnakeSiphlophis cervinus
Common Tiger RatsnakeSpilotes pullatus
Common Black-Headed SnakeTantilla m. melanocephala
Short-Nosed GroundsnakeTaeniophallus brevirostris
Spotted GroundsnakeTaeniophallus occipitalis
Common Mock ViperThamnodynastes pallidus
Ocellated Pampas SnakeTomodon ocellatus
Red-Eyed TreesnakeTripanurgos compressus
Pigmy Moss SnakeUmbrivaga pygmaea
Common False ViperXenodon rabdocephalus
Giant False ViperXenodon severus
Flat-Headed SnakeXenopholis scalaris
Striped Sharpnose SnakeXenoxybelis argenteus
Speckled Forest-PitviperBothriopsis taeniata
South American LanceheadBothrops atrox
Velvety LanceheadBothrops brazili
Hognose LanceheadBothrops hyoprora
Amazon BushmasterLachesis muta
Slender CoralsnakeMicrurus filiformis
Orange-Ringed CoralsnakeMicrurus hemprichii ortonii
Langsdorff's CoralsnakeMicrurus langsdorffi
South American CoralsnakeMicrurus lemniscatus helleri
Ornate CoralsnakeMicrurus ornatissimus
Peru Coral SnakeMicrurus peruvianus
Sooty CoralsnakeMicrurus putumayensis
Pigmy Black-Backed CoralsnakeMicrurus scutiventris
Amazonian CoralsnakeMicrurus spixii
Aquatic CoralsnakeMicrurus surinamensis

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